The SALCC Steering Committee Chair recently received a letter from the National Fish, Wildlife & Plant Climate Adaptation Strategy (Strategy) management team.  The letter, among other things, encourages LCCs to identify how they can help implement the Strategy.  The letter also suggests some possible roles for LCCs in this regard.

The Steering Committee had already been considering how the Cooperative could support this important effort.  On June 17th the Steering Committee responded with a letter commending the Strategy and identifying actions within it that the Cooperative intends to help implement.  As you will see, the mission and goals of the Cooperative are closely aligned with many of the recommended actions in the Strategy.  Perhaps the most obvious alignment is with the SALCC mission to develop a conservation blueprint.  The Strategy management team identifies regional landscape conservation planning and design as one logical role for LCCs that will help to:  “identify areas for an ecologically-connected network of terrestrial, freshwater, coastal, and marine conservation areas that are likely to be resilient to climate change and to support a broad range of fish, wildlife, and plants under changed conditions.”