I am developing a crosswalk of habitat/natural community descriptions between the NC Wildlife Action Plan (WAP) and commonly used classification systems.

I’ve attached a rough draft in Excel format that relates the 2005 NC WAP communities to the proposed 2015 NC WAP community names and SEGAP, Audubon Bird Conservation Regions for NC, and NatureServe classification systems.  Each category is color-coded as a way to visually group the various columns of information related to that classification system together. 

When there are duplicates of the community name under the 2005 or 2015 WAP category you will find there are multiple/different community names under the SEGAP, Audubon or NatureServe categories that can be associated with the NC WAP community names.

I would appreciate any help you can provide regarding additional associations with other classification systems.  A URL to find information about those additional associations would be helpful too.

Thanks for your help.

NC Wildlife Action Plan, community description crosswalk table