Hi Everyone, I’ve recently been on a mission to get to know the community of cultural resource conservation practitioners. This Spring I contacted over 40 different organizations to ask for their thoughts and opinions on the needs for landscape scale cultural resource conservation. Not everyone responded to my request, but I did get an opportunity to do quite a few in-depth interviews with Historic Preservationists, Archaeologists, Archivists, Landscape Architects, Folk Life Preservationists, Academics, and Federal Staff working on cultural resource conservation and preservation.

As a whole, they said they wanted us to 1. analyze potential future threats to cultural resources, 2.facilitate partnerships with natural resource conservationists, and 3. create a plan for conservation that merges natural and cultural resources in a connected landscape. Check out the cool wordle below that I made from anonymous transcripts of our interviews.

I presented the results to our cultural resources committee, and based on the interviews, I proposed to the committee a few cultural resource indicators that were adopted as Draft. We’ll be bringing them to the Steering Committee for approval soon.

To learn more about our work in cultural resources, I’ll be hosting a webinar on August 22nd to provide an overview and discussion of our cultural resources work. Check out our events page for details, I hope you’ll join us then.