As promised, here’s some additional information on the upcoming Conservation Blueprint design workshops in Raleigh and Savannah. There will be four total workshops (two 1-day workshops in Raleigh and two 1-day workshops in Savannah). The current plan is to have each workshop go from 10 am to 3 pm. Travel is really hard for everyone these days so we’re doing these one day workshops to make it easier for you to be there. We’re also trying to make sure there won’t be any registration fee and plan to help organize car pools as we get closer to the workshops.

Each workshop will be hands on and open to everyone. The same activities will happen at each workshop so you don’t need to attend more than one (unless you want to). You’ll be working in small groups with a number of GIS building blocks (e.g., SALCC indicator models, threat layers, etc) to build potential blueprints for parts of the South Atlantic. These GIS building blocks will be there to support your group’s discussions and not unnecessarily limit or constrain the design you and your group come up with. 

These workshops should be a great chance to work with diverse folks throughout your cooperative to chart the conservation future of the land, freshwater, oceans, and cultural heritage we’re all responsible for. After the two regional workshops, there will be a smaller meeting of the South Atlantic Blueprint Teams (Conservation Design, Modeling, User) to integrate everything into a draft South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint 1.0. 

I will be sending out more information (including a registration form and info on meeting facilities) in mid to late August.

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