You may have noticed that over the past few weeks we have been adding some new spatial data to the Conservation Planning Atlas.  These are draft datasets that support our early review draft of the State of the South Atlantic 2013.  These data are being grouped together in a gallery that you can access here or from the South Atlantic CPA home page.   These data represent our first attempts to use spatial data to map and measure the indicators developed by our indicator team.  Please be aware that these are extremely draft versions of the indicator status maps.  The purpose of sharing this draft information is to:

  • help keep everyone informed of how we are planning to map the status of indicators 
  • to get your involvement and feedback on whether this is a useful/appropriate way to map the status of indicators

We will  be continuing to add more spatial data to this gallery in the coming weeks. 

And please remember; do not use any of these data to make conservation decisions at this time.