Hi Everyone,

     On Oct 9 at 11:00AM EST, your South Atlantic LCC invites you to attend a web forum to hear about results from a survey of the cultural resource community, and the status of our new cultural resource indicators:  landscapes around National Register of Historic Places, and Longleaf Pine ecosystems.  

   This should be a fascinating discussion, here are some things we’ll talk about…

  • The cultural resources community wants to partner with natural resource conservationists!
  • Your SALCC has cultural resource indicators.
  • 94% of landscapes around National Register sites experienced some urbanization between 1992 and 2006.  
  • How the Blueprint workshops can work toward enhancing partnerships between natural and cultural resource practitioners.

To join us for the web forum, call 866-720-8724 access code 2917595 and click https://www.mymeetings.com/emeet/join/index.jsp?customHeader=mymeetings&netId=441906303&netPass=&netType=conference/en&acceptTerms=on&sigKey=mymeetings