The National Park Service Southeast Coast Inventory & Monitoring Network is looking for a highly motivated candidate for its vacant Coastal Ecologist position to lead the implementation of coastal shoreline change and salt marsh elevation/vegetation monitoring protocols in coastal National Park Service units of NC, SC, GA, and FL.

Typical work includes the identification, abundance, and condition of coastal salt marsh plant communities, species, and habitats; and the measurement of physical processes and other environmental parameters in coastal wetland and beach environments at Cape Hatteras NS, Cape Lookout NS, Cumberland Island, NS, Canaveral NS, Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve as well as several National Monuments along the South Atlantic coast.

The successful applicant will be duty-stationed in the SECN Headquarters Office in Athens Georgia. We have two versions of the announcement for this permanent position posted on USAJobs, for both all-sources and merit-promotion-eligible candidates. (Open to all US Citizens) (Merit Promotion and VEOA Eligibles only)