Thanks to everyone who came to the first two Blueprint workshops in Raleigh. Great progress and conversations about how we can collectively deal with the rapid change happening in the South Atlantic. I was floating between breakout groups and heard some really interesting conversations about dealing with increasing human alteration and sea level rise impacts on the outer banks, connecting with growing urban communities (particularly through water quality, greenways, and policy), and using economic incentives on working lands to connect existing protected areas.

In a few weeks you’ll be able to see (and comment on) the results from the Raleigh workshops. Those results include potential subwatersheds (HUC12) and conservation actions for those subwatersheds to be part of version 1.0 of the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint. The results will be posted on the South Atlantic Conservation Planning Atlas

Next stop is Savannah, GA on Nov 19 and 20. If you’re planning to go but haven’t registered yet, the deadline is Nov 12, so register on the workshop page soon. If you want to see who’s signed up so far, there’s a link on the top right of that page that’ll tell you who’s registered.

The next step after Savannah will be some more detailed testing of the draft Blueprints coming out of the workshops against both South Atlantic LCC Indicator models and existing conservation plans. These results will feed into the integration of all the workshop results into a single draft Blueprint by the South Atlantic Blueprint Teams. Click here and look on the right side of the page to see members of those teams.