The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution and LCC national strategy team recently announced the new members for the LCC National Council. Composed of twenty-seven participants representing various resource management entities, the LCC National Council is responsible for serving as the voice of the LCC Network and reporting to Congress, States, tribes, and other partners on the status, challenges, and accomplishments the LCCs. Within the South Atlantic LCC, two of our esteemed Cooperative members have been selected: Ken McDermond and Mallory Martin.

Nominated by members of the South Atlantic LCC steering committee, I am pleased to announce that Ken McDermond will serve a two year term as the LCC representative. McDermond, a veteran wildlife conservation leader, currently works as the Coordinator for the South Atlantic LCC and will bring a wealth of unique insight and perspective to the Council.

Mallory Martin, current Chief Deputy Director with the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission, was selected as one of four State agency representatives. Having served as my predecessor as Steering Committee Chair for the SALCC, I am confident in Martin’s ability to support the Council’s efforts by helping to identifying challenges and needs, and working to ensure that local and regional partnership efforts are supported by the LCC Network.

We have some exceptional folks here in the South Atlantic, and having known and worked with McDermond and Martin over the last year, I am convinced they will serve the LCC network admirably within their new roles as LCC National Council members.

You can learn more about the National Council by following this link: