One of the key criteria in selecting the South Atlantic Natural Resource Indicators was their ability to represent a variety of organisms and ecological attributes within each South Atlantic ecosystem. Since there were only 3 indicators per ecosystem, there are probably a number of other things you think are important in the ecosystems of the South Atlantic that aren’t being used directly as indicators. They might be species, collections of species, ecological processes, abiotic measures, etc. They might cover a larger part of the South Atlantic or they might have a very small restricted range.

How well do the current indicators cover these other things you think are important in this ecosystem? That’s a key question for the Indicator Testing and Revision Process. The folks testing this question for the terrestrial indicators, Rickie White (NatureServe) and Ashton Drew (NC State), are now looking for your help. 

There were a number of things suggested during the Indicator selection process that weren’t selected as Indicators. Your cooperative needs your help on two things: 1) Prioritizing those suggestions for testing and 2) Suggesting other things you’d like tested that might not have come up before.

There’s a link to a form for submitting input below. If you don’t know enough about a particular ecosystem to prioritize, no problem. Just skip those questions.

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