Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce myself as the newest member of the South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (South Atlantic LCC) team, as a Post-doc researcher at North Carolina State University. My objective with the South Atlantic LCC is to develop a data-driven Conservation Blueprint and to merge the approach with expert-based knowledge. I’ll be helping with Blueprint 1.0 the next few weeks, and then will be fully involved with the integration of indicator models into the next Blueprint version.

My background has focused on landscape ecology, ecological modeling, wildlife management, and coastal science.  My Ph.D. research at Louisiana State University investigated habitat and distribution of coastal wetland birds, and I have a broad expertise in coastal ecosystems. Most recently, I have conducted shoreline research with the UNC Coastal Studies Institute in Wanchese, NC.  Additionally, my M.S. at Bowling Green State University focused on the effects of prescribed burning in oak savanna and its effect on the endangered Karner blue butterfly. Given the diverse ecosystems of the South Atlantic, I am excited to use these experiences to further conservation planning for the region.  

I have been fortunate to have worked with a wide range of people, including state agencies, wildlife biologists, refuge managers, Joint Ventures staff, non-profit organizations, and various stakeholder groups. Moving forward with the Conservation Blueprint, I am looking forward to getting to know many of you and learning from your diverse perspectives of the South Atlantic region. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time with questions, concerns, or insights you might have on conservation planning for the South Atlantic LCC (brad_pickens@ncsu.edu).

Brad Pickens