The results from the Blueprint workshops are now available for public viewing on the Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA).  

After the workshops, participants were given an opportunity to review the results and make sure we captured all of the comments from their workshop breakout groups.  Some of our day 2 breakout groups decided to build off of the previous day’s results.  To make it easier for participants in those groups to review comments, we combined the comments from day 1 and day 2 into one document and only posted they day 2 spatial data.  Don’t despair, the original and individual spatial results from each day are still maintained and are available for the Conservation Design Team to review.

Now that participants have had an opportunity to review and update the workshop results, they are now publicly available on the CPA.  If you would like to read the comments associated with these layers, you can view the following video which was created to instruct workshop participants on how to review the comments.