EcoAdapt is undertaking a survey on how individuals and organizations are incorporating climate change into their work on water resources in the Southeast United States.

Many strategies exist to support climate-informed watershed and water resources management; some examples include increasing water supplies, improving flood protection, utilizing green infrastructure, and
 increasing water use efficiency. 
If you have activities underway or can provide references, please consider filling out a short project summary form.

Project Summary: 

This project aims to survey, catalog, and assess (where possible) climate adaptation activities in the Southeast United States, focusing on water resources management. 
In the course of past surveys of adaptation activities in coastal and marine North America, the Great Lakes, and the western United States and Canada, we have noticed a significant gap in capacity and reported activity in the southeast, especially around water resources management. Climate-induced effects on the water cycle will alter hydrologic systems, which will have implications for ecosystems and human communities. In turn, these changes will affect how managers and planners approach water
resources management. Many strategies exist to support
climate-informed water resources management, including: 
  • Increasing water supplies, 
  • Protecting ecosystems, 
  • Increasing water resource use efficiency, 
  • Improving flood protection, and 
  • Incorporating climate change into Integrated Water Resources Management. 

  • To build on past survey work in order to uncover adaptation activities around water resources management in the southeastern United States 
  • To facilitate the use of case studies in learning and application 
  • To support efforts to create regional adaptation networks, especially around water resources management

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel M. Gregg at This project is part of EcoAdapt’s State of Adaptation Program.