Climate science is challenging, both for educators to teach and for students to learn. Not only may students have misconceptions about the climate system in general, they may also be influences by doubt or disheartened by the complexity of climate change. In order to teach climate science and climate change effectively, it is necessary for educators to prepare to meet these challenges.

To get at this need, Climate Change Environmental Education Project-based Online Learning Community Alliance (POLCA) just released the materials produced by nine working groups and are making these materials freely available to the public.


Formal and informal educators will find research findings, standards, and teaching suggestions appropriate for social studies, language arts, science, and interdisciplinary teaching/learning—and links to valuable resources for working with K to adult learners.

There are twelve chapters available for individual download or all chapters can be downloaded at once by clicking on the button labeled “Download all CCEE POLCA pdfs” at the bottom of the webpage. Note: email address is required to download any/all sections.

POLCA was formed in the spring of 2013 as part of the EPA-funded EECapacity project. By climate change environmental education (CCEE), this group means the full array of interdisciplinary learning opportunities that people of all ages need to develop the competencies, dispositions and knowledge to address climate change. This array includes an understanding of the socio-political and economic considerations; the scientific basis; and the communication, collaborative problem-solving and analytical skills needed to generate and implement feasible solutions.