The LCC Council held its first meeting in Washington, DC on February 4th & 5th.  The purpose of the Council is to support the cooperative, large-scale conservation efforts of the LCC network. Council members include representatives from federal, state, tribal, international, indigenous, non-governmental, and major partnership organizations.  Mallory Martin, Chief Deputy for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and South Atlantic LCC Steering Committee member, also serves on the Council as the representative from the Southeast Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies.  I have the privilege of representing the LCC Network on the Council for the next two years.

I see the Council as filling a key role in the LCC enterprise.  That is by helping to ensure the 22 self-directed LCCs add up to a truly interconnected network.  I was inspired by the understanding and vision of the Council members during this first meeting.  The following are a sampling of comments I heard from other Council members during their opening remarks: “This is very exciting, doing something we might not ever get to do again — face large problems and do it in a way that puts landscape scale solutions on the ground. “  “We have a unique opportunity here, once in a career, once in a lifetime thing.”  “LCCs are a framework for the future.” “We would be asking for someone to invent them now if they didn’t exist!”  It is clear that the LCC Council is supportive of the intent and vision for the LCC Network and is anxious to move forward to align and demonstrate this support in ways that further the promise of the Network.  A short summary of the first Council meeting can be found here.