We have updated the Draft Blueprint 1.0 on the Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA).  This updated version includes the draft results from the Marine Blueprint Workshops.  The attendees of the Marine Blueprint Workshops are still providing information for this draft, but we wanted to make the current version available for your review and discussion.  We have also updated the draft Inland Blueprint by including additional information about several overlapping conservation plans and fixing a few GIS errors we found in the previous version.

To better understand how to view this updated information, please check out the video below.  In it you will learn a couple of neat tricks to help you sort through the information associated with the blueprint.

And speaking of neat tricks to interact with the blueprint, the SALCC staff are working on new and improved ways to display the blueprint information. We are trying to balance quickly providing the information with our goal to make the blueprint easy for you to access, understand, and use to make conservation decisions.  So please stay tuned to our web page for updates on this effort and please don’t hesitate to give us feedback about your experience accessing the data as it is currently displayed on the CPA.