GreenhouseeffectClear, engaging, and scientifically accurate climate education is the first step to incorporating climate change into natural resource management. In order to help bridge that gap, the USDA Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center has released a new interactive online education module on basic climate change science and climate modeling.

The module, “Climate Change Science and Modeling: What You Need to Know”, gives a brief overview of the climate system, greenhouse gases, climate models, current climate impacts, and future climate projections.  Interactive features allow users to control their learning experience, with opportunities to explore outside links, and learn definitions and relevant facts.  The module is designed to provide flexibility for busy professionals and others who wish to understand the fundamentals of climate science; it can be completed in about 20 minutes and can be done in multiple sessions on the same device.


I completed the course last night and found the module to be informative (without dumbing down the science), fun, and engaging! There was also a fun activity at the end where I was able to select my specific geographic region and “test” my own climate knowledge and generate a personalized certificate. ———> 🙂

“Every Forest Service employee plays an important role in sustaining the health of the nation’s forests and grasslands in a changing climate,” said David Cleaves, Climate Change Advisor for the USFS. “This online coursework will give employees an exciting and convenient way to deepen their basic understanding of climate change science.”

After completing the module, find answers to your specific questions about the potential effects of climate change on a particular resource by checking out the Forest Service’s decision support tool, Template for Assessing Climate Change Science and Management Actions (TACCIMO). TACCIMO is a web-based resource that offers access to credible, concise, and reproducible climate change science and tools. Used in tandem with the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint – TACCIMO can help fill in information gaps and inform the Cooperatives’ collective climate change information needs.

Although the training Module and TACCIMO were designed to help educate all staff areas within the Forest Service workforce, these resources can be broadly applicable to folks in our Cooperative who are interested in incorporating climate chance science into education and future planning efforts.

It never hurts to brush up on your climate savviness!

The module is available at and TACCIMO can be accessed at