I want to thank all of you who put your precious time, energy, and great thinking into creating this first version on the Blueprint. Whether it was filling out an online review, showing up to a workshop, serving on a team, or all three, every little bit you could give has been really helpful. Special thanks to all you super heroes who participated in just about everything! When you total up all the numbers, it looks like more than 300 people from 58 different organizations were involved in some way.

This first version is a great start. It’s certainly not perfect, but that was never the plan. The first version is now released for testing and refinement and we now have a timeline for creating version 2.0 (Spring 2015). If you haven’t already, please read Ken’s post about the outcome of the recent Steering Committee meeting. That post has more info on this and other outcomes of the recent Steering Committee meeting.

Your staff here at the South Atlantic LCC are now putting together the work plan for the next 18 months. This time we plan to lay out month by month when different things will be happening. Here’s a preview of some of the things on deck for the next 18 months:

  • Support for individuals that want to use Blueprint 1.0
  • More user friendly tools for accessing Blueprint information on the Conservation Planning Atlas
  • Results of Indicator testing, revising Indicators, and completed modeling for all Indicators
  • Developing Blueprint 2.0 by integrating the expert knowledge driven approach of version 1.0 with a data driven approach that is more explicitly and quantitatively connected to our natural and cultural resource indicators. This also means that 2.0 will likely be at a finer spatial resolution (probably 90 meter pixels)