Don’t wait too long to revise the indicators. Especially if some aren’t working well. That was one of the big messages from folks involved in other indicator efforts (e.g., Forest Service Management Indicator Species, Everglades restoration) during the meetings that helped develop the South Atlantic Indicator approach. Those comments are a big reason why an Indicator Testing and Revision Process was approved last year at the same time as the Indicators that were selected.

Over the last year, Amy, me, and now Brad have been working to build off existing efforts to model the current and future condition of all the indicators. This was the first stage of testing the practical criteria for indicators. At the same time, your cooperative also funded projects to test the ecological criteria for all indicators (particularly how we the indicators represent other species and ecological attributes).

Now it’s time to revisit the South Atlantic Indicators using the results of those efforts. Starting today your cooperative will be focusing on revising the indicators for 1-2 ecosystems per month. Every month, you will be able to see the modeling of indicators (testing the practical criteria), results of testing the ecological selection criteria (mid-month), and then be part of ecosystem specific teams that will recommend changes to the indicators

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