Hi again, I’m Hilary! Remember me?  After working part-time as an intern for your cooperative for the last two years while in graduate school, I’m very excited to join the science staff as a full-time U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee. It has been a busy couple of years since Ken first introduced me! I worked here for the South Atlantic LCC, as well as for NC State Forestry Extension and a Durham-based environmental consulting firm. Somewhere in the mix, I got married, cut off all my hair, and successfully defended my Master’s thesis. Now, I feel so lucky to kick off the next stage of my career by continuing to work with such committed and talented partners.

I’ll primarily focus on supporting Blueprint users to incorporate their feedback and improve the Blueprint’s design. We want to figure out how the South Atlantic LCC can best help its stakeholders by building and implementing a tool that’s useful for everyone in the conservation community.

Please do get in touch—email, call, or drop by in person sometime!  Let me know what I can do to help conserve the resources that are most important to us.