Your Cooperative’s Year 3 Operations Plan is now available. This plan provides a high-level view of how our efforts will be focused over the coming 12 months. This plan continues to tie directly to the mission and goals developed in our Strategic Plan.  The operations plan was developed from direction received from your Steering Committee in March. Our work over the coming year will focus on two areas: 1) using v1.0 of the Blueprint to inform a variety of selected conservation decisions; and 2) developing v2.0 of the Blueprint.  The Steering Committee requested that v2.0 be more explicitly connected to indicators, including improved connection with at risk/rare species; based more on data than expert opinion; and have finer resolution.  It is also expected that our efforts to inform conservation decisions with v1.0 will result in learning that can be applied to v2.0. Your support and participation will continue to be needed to accomplish this ambitious plan. We regularly post opportunities to participate in the work of the cooperative in our monthly newsletters.