While Amy has been doing blog posts when project results are ready and up on the Conservation Planning Atlas, a number of you have been asking for updates on accessing data from specific projects that are getting close to (or are already) finished. Here’s an update on a few of those. I’ll try to do more regular updates like this in future newsletters.

Sea-level rise and beach nesting species

Watch a short video summary of the results that appeared in the newsletter a few months ago

Your staff here at the cooperative have the GIS layers but are waiting a few more months to make them public so the PI can publish in a major journal. That said, we will be using the some of the results in the Beach and dune indicator revision this month. You will just have to log in to your account on the Planning Atlas to see them. More on that soon.

Terrestrial habitat connectivity

Watch the update on the project from a Third Thursday Web Forum last year

This project maps out current and future levels of habitat connectivity from the perspective of multiple groups of terrestrial wildlife species. We’ll have more info on the project results in the next newsletter. That said, the Individual data layers are already up on the Conservation Planning Atlas. We’re working on making a gallery for the results of all South Atlantic LCC funding projects to make it quicker and easier for you to find project results.

Results for black bear

Results for red wolf

Results for eastern cougar

Results for pine snakes