Hi everyone!

Earlier this year we asked you to participate in a survey for our second annual report card on how we’re meeting our goals and adhering to our principles. While only 43 folks participated out of our total 730 plus web community – we wanted to be sure to report back and let folks know that we did dig into this information, and will use it to help guide our efforts and advance the current state of knowledge of how your Cooperative is serving you.

Capture (2)Without diving too deep into the data, most folks who responded felt the Cooperative was doing a fairly good job in adhering to its goals over the past 12 months – especially in delivering a shared Conservation Blueprint and building communication support and facilitating collaboration across the network. And in adhering to our guiding principles, respondents tended to think the Cooperative was usually adhered to our guiding principles – with a strong belief that the Cooperative was adding value to landscape-scale partnerships and was developing and relying on the best available science.

If you’re interested in reviewing the full report, you can access it >>here.

While I was looking at the results from the 2013 Stakeholder Survey, I become curious about the overall structure and composition of the 730+ members signed up on the southatlantilcc.org site, and decided to play around with some of the data. I thought the results were pretty interesting– and wanted to share a few snapshots on our total web community (N=733).

Capture (3)Categorized broadly, the majority of folks signed up on the Cooperatives site indicated they were federal employees (41%). Nineteen percent indicated they were employed by a university, 14% indicated they worked for a non-profit, 13% for a state agency, and 13% for a private organization. In order to take a closer look, I then went through assessed to which federal organization folks indicated being employed by, as well as broke down the information by those who work for a state agency or a non-profit. The graphs to the right show the breakdown by federal organizations and state/non-profit.

I was also able to do a breakdown of the Cooperatives’ web community by state (seen below).


Capture (4)