Your cooperative is now accepting proposals for projects supporting the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint. The Deadline is July 22, 2014. Projects should address one of two specific needs:

1) Improving the connection between conservation actions in the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint and South Atlantic LCC Ecosystem Indicators

2) Improving the connection between restricted range and at-risk species conservation and the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint

Both of these needs are a little different than what you usually see in these types of requests. You might be thinking that these needs are a lot to take on for only around $150k each. You’re right, but remember that these will be very collaborative projects so your staff here at the cooperative will be helping with many of the elements and making connections with ongoing work.

You may also be thinking, after you read the details of Need 1 (see the “Learn more” link below), that it seems to be written for a specific person or lab. Not true. It’s completely open (just like Need 2). Need 1 is about getting additional modeling help (no matter where it comes from)  to connect the broad suite of conservation actions from the Blueprint and the South Atlantic Indicators. This is a big task that will require some creative thinking and close collaboration during the evolving process to update the Blueprint to version 2.0 and beyond. That’s why at least one member of the project (e.g., post-doc, researcher) needs to be located here in the Raleigh, NC office of your cooperative.

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