The LCC Council held its second in-person meeting June 17-18, in Arlington, Virginia.  The purpose of the Council is to support the cooperative conservation and sustainable resource management efforts of the LCC Network, to assist the LCC Network in achieving its goals, to contribute to building a constituency of partners, and to help sustain the LCC initiative. Council members include representatives from federal, state, tribal, international, indigenous, non-governmental, and major partnership organizations. I have the privilege of representing the LCC Network on the Council for the next two years. Mallory Martin, Chief Deputy for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and South Atlantic LCC Steering Committee member, also serves on the Council as the representative from the Southeast Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies.

As LCC Network representative to the Council I was asked to organize several presentations to highlight the work of individual LCCs during this meeting.  The theme of this session was about the role of the Network in facilitating the design of an “ecologically connected network of conservation areas” as called for in the National Fish Wildlife and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy.  The Northwest Boreal, Great Northern, and South Atlantic LCCs presented their work on conservation planning and design as examples of progress towards this goal.  These presentations also highlighted efforts to connect conservation designs between LCCs such as the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy. In addition the Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative (LCC) and the Appalachian LCC provided overviews of their work to the Council.

The Council approved a new charter, agreed to work on a communications strategy, provided input to the LCC Network strategic plan which will be developed in July, and began to focus in on some tasks they can begin working on together.  The Council intends to participate in the Workshop for Large Landscape Conservation in October.  They requested a presentation about the National Fish, Wildlife, Plants, and Climate Adaptation Strategy at their next meeting and additional sessions about the work of the LCCs.  Their next meeting will be scheduled later this fall. Additional information on this meeting and other Council information please click here.