I’m pleased to announce a new blog series that I’m calling “the Blueprint in Action”.  Louise and I are hard at work helping folks in the conservation community use the Blueprint, incorporating their feedback into Version 2.0 to make it a better tool.  While we’re at it, we’re collecting some great success stories highlighting how Blueprint 1.0 has already proven its worth to conservation practitioners in the geography.  This is especially exciting because Blueprint 1.0 is just your cooperative’s first, imperfect attempt to articulate a shared vision for the lands and waters of the South Atlantic.  And it’s not only teaching us what to change for future versions–it’s already shaping effort and investment!

I feel I can safely assume that most of you know Wilson Laney, because it has become increasingly clear to me over the last few years that Wilson Laney knows most people.  Last month, Wilson used the Blueprint in a proposal for a coastal wetlands grant to justify the protection of a property located in a “highest priority for shared action” area.  Thanks for sharing, Wilson!  Anyone else want to share a success story?  Feel free to contact me or comment on this post.

On a more personal note, I have issued myself a little challenge to, every month at least until the end of the year, think of a new cheesy metaphor, entertaining image, or groan-worthy catchphrase as a way of slipping in our request for the web community to use the Blueprint, ask for help, and provide feedback.  My theory is that, if people come back to my blog for a monthly stab at humor, maybe some of you will get in touch with me or Louise.  And it gives me a chance to perfect my Microsoft Paint photo-editing skills.

So–Uncle Sam thinks it’s your patriotic duty to try out Blueprint 1.0 and share your thoughts with the Blueprint user support team.  If you get stuck and need help, want to suggest new data to add to the Conservation Planning Atlas, or develop strong feelings about the usability of the zoom tool, call or email us!

Hilary & Louise

(919) 707-0252