Interested in providing science support for the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative?

Peninsular FL LCC

There is currently a grant funded opening with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC):…

This is a part-time position working within FWC’s Center for Spatial Analysis, Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI). Candidates with expertise in GIS and spatial analysis may be given preference. Please note that the closing date for this position is October 5, 2014.


  • Perform spatially explicit GIS analyses to determine lands important to the long-term conservation of fish and wildlife resources and use the results to develop optimum reserve designs and set conservation targets. Specific GIS analyses to be performed include creation of overlays of species distribution maps to identify habitats important to multiple species of fish and wildlife, evaluation of the role of existing public lands to the conservation of fish and wildlife resources, evaluation of existing and potential threats to species and their habitats, and evaluation of conservation values and opportunities on private lands.
  • Use remotely-sensed, photo-interpreted and ground-mapped data to refine statewide land cover map, including various aspects of data preparation, production, and validation.
  • Contribute to maintenance and refinement of Critical Lands and Water Identification Project data layers.
  • Assist in data preparation and delivery via multiple methods – web based mapping applications, images, PowerPoint presentations, and reports. Prepare FGDC metadata. Completion of project reports and assists in preparation of annual reports.
  • Participate in coordination of scientific activities within the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative (PFLCC) and adjacent SE LCCs to ensure that the science goals and objectives of the PFLCC are met.

For more information, visit the PeopleFirst jobslist or the position posting.

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