On October 20th, the LCC Network rolled out its first Strategic Plan, which lays out a five-year plan for achieving the LCC Network’s vision and mission, building on existing work within the Network.  It is centered around four key goals—conservation strategy, collaborative conservation, science, and communications—with associated objectives and example tactics.  These goals represent common aims of each LCC, providing a way for them to align across the entire geography.

The draft of this document emerged from a week-long workshop in late July with over 50 participants from the LCC Network, including members of the LCC Council, LCC Coordinators, LCC Science Coordinators, national partner organizations, and other leaders.  Ken represented the South Atlantic at the workshop.

I think it strikes a great balance between the independent, self-directed nature of each LCC partnership and the need for greater Network-level coordination to ensure individual LCCs’ efforts add up to a bigger impact.  It’s not hard to find the South Atlantic represented in the Strategic Plan.  The first two objectives under “conservation strategy” are shared conservation objectives and regional landscape conservation designs.  Sounds like your Cooperative’s indicators and Blueprint to me!

Keep in mind that the LCC Network Strategic Plan doesn’t prescribe any actions for individual LCCs, make value statements about what LCCs are doing, or prioritize any action as more important than another.  The Steering Committee still charts our strategic direction here in the South Atlantic.

Going forward, the LCC Network will develop an implementation framework for achieving the plan’s goals and objectives, monitoring and evaluating performance, and collecting feedback on the feasibility and application of the plan.  The Strategic Plan itself will be updated in the next two years, reflecting a commitment to a living, iterative reference to guide the LCC Network.

I encourage everyone to check out the LCC Network Strategic Plan >>here!