RESTOREscienceplanOn Thursday November 11th from 11:00-12:00 pm EST and again on Wednesday December 3rd from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST, Dr. Roger Helm (Senior Science Advisor, U.S. Fish and Wildlife [FWS] and former NRDA science lead for DOI on the DWH spill) will present a webinar providing an overview of the NOAA-led RESTORE Act Science Program’s recently released draft Science Plan. This draft Plan was developed by NOAA scientists from all line offices in collaboration with FWS.  The Plan describes the priorities and science needed to increase understanding of the Gulf ecosystem and support its long-term sustainability. This Program is “Bucket 4” under the RESTORE Act and will receive 2.5% of designated Clean Water Act funds and 25% of the Trust Fund interest. Further information about the Program and a link to the Plan can be found at

Registration is required to attend the webinar! Follow the links below to register. Information is also available on the South Atlantic LCC event page, the GCPO LCC website, and other Gulf websites.

Nov 13 at 11 am EST (entry opens at 10:45 am):

Dec 3 at 1 pm EST (entry opens at 12:45 am):