1-8-2014_WinteringWaterfowlOnLakeMattamuskeetNWR_AllieStewart_USFWS_smallThe Strategic Conservation Planning report for the the Eastern North Carolina/ Southeastern Virginia Strategic Habitat Conservation Team (ENCSEVA) report is now available as a technical bulletin on the NC State University Extension Resource Catalog. The URL is http://content.ces.ncsu.edu/strategic-conservation-planning-for-the-eastern-north-carolinasoutheastern-virginia-strategic-habit.pdf.

ENCSEVA is a partnership among local federal agencies and programs with a mission to apply Strategic Habitat Conservation to accomplish priority landscape-level conservation within its region, which encompasses the northern third of the South Atlantic LCC geography. This report provides the scientific foundation for the Strategic Habitat Conservation Plan by summarizing the expert opinion of wildlife biologists, ecologists, hydrologists, researchers, natural resource managers, and conservation practitioners regarding five environments (wetlands, riverine systems, estuaries, uplands, and barrier islands). This report describes how this expert knowledge can inform collaborative conservation planning, and opportunities available for the ENCSEVA team to address threats and impacts associated with climate change.