Do you have a fast GIS workstation that you’d like to share for the good of the conservation community?  Are you interested in learning more about how the South Atlantic LCC is using Zonation, a conservation planning software package, in Blueprint 2.0?  Do you have the strength of a grizzly and the reflexes of a puma? If you answered “Yes!” to at least two of these questions, we would like your help as a zonation testing volunteer.

As the next round of Blueprint workshops draws closer, we are testing zonation with our indicators. Some of the test runs we are performing are taking several days to finish.  If you are willing to devote some of your workstation processing time, it could dramatically speed up our testing process and you would have the opportunity to learn about new conservation planning software.  You will also earn the admiration and respect of the entire South Atlantic Community and free registration at the next Blueprint workshops!

If you are interested in volunteering please send me an email (amy_keister@fws.gov)  and we can talk about the details.