NCSWAPAn early part of the NC Wildlife Action Plan 2015 revision process was to update the list of Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN), often referred to as priority species.  The revision effort included evaluation of our review method and developing new ranking criteria that could be applied to eight taxonomic groups: amphibians, birds, crayfish, freshwater fish, freshwater mussels, mammals, reptiles, and snails.  The ranking criteria considered three different categories of concern: conservation status and needs, knowledge gaps, and management concerns and needs.  Over several months, “taxa teams” of species experts collaboratively reviewed and applied the ranking criteria to all of North Carolina’s wildlife.  The results are now available.

Updated lists of SGCN and other species that are a priority based on knowledge gaps and/or management concerns are now available for download in Excel file format from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission web page

You are invited to download this information and use it in your conservation planning processes.  Please contact Cindy Carr ( if you have any questions or would like more information about the NC Wildlife Action Plan 2015 revision process.