IMG_0691smallIn early December, the South Atlantic LCC held an in-person Steering Committee here at the Wildlife Resources Commission building in Raleigh.  Staff provided updates and received positive feedback on plans for Blueprint 2.0, the new simple Blueprint viewer, work on Blueprint adoption with the user team, and progress on the State of the South Atlantic assessment.

The major outcome of this meeting was a change to the Steering Committee’s governance structure aimed at expanding membership while continuing to make quick decisions.  To accomplish this balance of agility and inclusiveness, your Cooperative formed a smaller Executive Committee from a subset of the current Steering Committee membership.  The new Executive Committee is responsible for guiding Steering Committee operations, leading fundraising, and implementing Steering Committee decisions, which allows the Steering Committee to grow.  New Steering Committee invitations are being extended to the National Council of Air and Stream Improvement, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Longleaf Alliance, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, American Rivers, and the Southeast Land Trust Alliance.  The full Steering Committee will continue to vote on major Cooperative decisions like approving indicators and future iterations of the Blueprint; the Executive Committee will simply meet more frequently and handle more detailed operational responsibilities.

Your Cooperative is excited to broaden its representation of the conservation community!  The next in-person meeting will be held this June.