Last winter, a series of iconic pictures–snapped on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh as commuters left work early in the face of oncoming snow–ignited the imagination of amateur photo-editors everywhere. WRAL, the local news station, even posted a photo gallery of all of the amusing shots called “Attack on Glenwood Avenue”. It featured everything from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Lord Voldemort, spaceships, Steve Urkel, and All State’s Mayhem wreaking havoc on the abandoned, skidding, and burning (yes, burning) cars. When the frozen stuff is falling down, it’s a jungle out there…a cold, traffic jam of a jungle where zombies, Godzilla, and Chewbacca walk among us.

So please believe me when I say your South Atlantic LCC staff cancelled the Raleigh Blueprint workshops for your own safety.

If you were registered for one of the Raleigh workshops, you should already have received an email inviting you to reschedule. If you weren’t able to make the original dates, maybe you can join us the first two days of April! Same time, same place.

The Raleigh Blueprint 2.0 workshops will now be held:

NCSU Hunt Library, Centennial Campus

Teaching and Visualization Lab, Room # 4505

070 Partners Way, Raleigh, NC 27606

Apr 1, 2015 (9am – 3:30pm)
Apr 2, 2015 (9am – 3:30pm)
You can register here if you haven’t already, or email me at hilary_morris@fws.gov to switch your existing registration to a different date.