webicon_second2_borderThe Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC; www.fs.usda.gov/ccrc/) has released a new interactive online education module on climate change effects on forests and grasslands.

The module, “Climate Change Effects on Forests and Grasslands: What You Need to Know”, gives a brief overview of climate change effects on water resources, vegetation growth, wildlife, and disturbances.  The CCRC’s first education module, “Climate Change Science and Modeling”, provides a basic climate change foundation, and this new module builds on that foundation, examining climate change effects around the country.

Interactive features allow users to control their learning experience, with opportunities to explore outside links, learn relevant facts, and explore examples of effects on different ecosystems.  The main material is followed by an activity specific to the eastern or western United States, and completing the activity will generate a personalized certificate.  The module was designed to be approachable and flexible for busy professionals and others, like the general public, who wish to understand observed and projected climate change effects.  The climate change modules are available at: http://www.fs.usda.gov/ccrc/climate-basics/education.