SoSAsubregionSome of the Blueprint 2.0 workshop participants who have a great eye for detail caught a mistake in one of the maps in the State of the South Atlantic. If you’ve looked at the assessment, you hopefully saw the map on the left defining the subregions of the South Atlantic geography, drawn based on watershed boundaries.






beachdunewrongBut if you started to look at the map used to report the indicator scores on each indicator page, the boundaries for each subregion didn’t match! Look at this map of the Beach & Dune ecosystem scores, and focus on the line between the Gulf Coastal Plain and the South Coastal Plain. This mistake caused some confusion about the scores for the state of Georgia. In fact, Georgia is part of the South Coastal Plain geography. But the map error makes it look like part of the Gulf Coastal Plain.




beachdunefixIt’s all fixed now, thanks to some quick work by the graphic design team at the Integration and Application Network! The links to view and download the State of the South Atlantic¬†have been updated. I just wanted to make everyone aware of the change. If you already downloaded the report, please update your copy!