In the NPS we have a grant program called Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance. This program helps national park managers and their community partners achieve shared conservation and outdoor recreation goals beyond park boundaries. For more than a quarter century, the NPS, through the RTCA program, has provided assistance to more than 8,000 partner-based projects in communities across the country.

The program’s nationwide staff of community and recreation planners, landscape architects and collaboration experts can help catalyze support and accelerate park and partner projects that connect parks with people and the communities that surround them.

RTCA’s program works with parks and their partners to achieve many of NPS national initiatives – engage youth, support livability, improve health, enhance recreation opportunities, and strengthen large landscape conservation.

The program is accepting applications for project grants through August 1st for help with a wide range of projects.

Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance can facilitate a diversity of projects, such as:

  • Developing close-to-home parks and greenways
  • Managing community-led visioning, planning, and design
  • Facilitating public involvement
  • Building sustainable partnerships
  • Engaging youth through outdoor recreation skill-building and conservation stewardship
  • Planning for trails, landscape conservation, water trails, river restoration, green transportation, and tourism

Does this program sound like something your organization would like to be involved in?  I can help you partner with a National Park to submit an application, so if you have an idea and need help connecting with an NPS partner, let me know.