In 2012, the Gulf Coast Prairie, Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks, South Atlantic, and Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperatives initiated the Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment (GCVA). The GCVA is the start of an iterative process to assess the vulnerability of the multitude of ecosystems and associated species they support across the U.S. portion of the Gulf of Mexico. In light of anthropogenic stressors such as climate change, assessing vulnerability is a key step in conservation planning. This assessment is a foundation upon which to build subsequent vulnerability assessments and adaptation strategies.

As we prepare the final GCVA report, we are seeking input from stakeholders of the Gulf of Mexico’s natural resources to ensure the utility of this document. The GCVA draft will be available for review from June 17 to July 19, 2015 and can be accessed at the following web addresses:

GCVA Public Draft Text


Thank you for participating in this process.  Comments should be sent to the GCVA Coordinator, Amanda Watson, at  If you have questions, please email Amanda or telephone her at: 662-617-9271.