Prepare yourself: it’s coming. Following the release of Conservation Blueprint 2.0, next month (August 2015) we will present the second generation of the Simple Viewer. This new viewer will display Blueprint 2.0, which uses indicators for terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments to produce a totally data-driven prioritization at a 200 meter resolution. Faster and leaner, the next iteration of the Simple Viewer will include the ability to click on a sub-watershed and see what ecosystems and indicators occur there, as well as indicator status. But there’s more, so much more, to look forward to and expect from the Simple Viewer.

Although the Simple Viewer will still include familiar features, like displaying what percentage of a sub-watershed is protected, and projected landcover change over time in response to urbanization, we consider this updated Viewer to be a minimum viable product. Part of the “Lean Startup” philosophy your cooperative has embraced is the idea to start simple and add features based on user feedback. Thus, we’ve taken a few features out, and plan on adding new ones based on the needs, requests, and suggestions of our users.

Over the next six months, the South Atlantic LCC User Support Team will be working with you, the cooperative, to refine and enhance the Simple Viewer based on your experiences using the Blueprint on specific projects, places, and ecosystems. We want the Simple Viewer to remain a simple tool and for all future feature developments to be based on the needs of the users as demonstrated by real-world projects. Please help us shape this next generation of the Simple Viewer by contacting the User Support Team if you would like help using the Blueprint or if you plan on using the Blueprint for a project.

User Support Team

Hilary Morris / / 919 707-0252

Louise Vaughn / / 919 270-8512