As most of you already heard, there will be a small indicator revision process this year. The focus will be on two things:

  • Reevaluating a few indicators that were removed in the last revision process due to lack of data, but now have new information available
  • Improving the GIS depictions of indicators

Depending on how things go, this will likely mean improvements in select indicators for marine, estuarine, freshwater aquatic, waterscapes, and landscapes. If you’re interested in being part of the indicator revision discussions and signed up to be part of a revision team last year, you’re all good. I’ll get in touch when there’s something to review for your ecosystem(s). If you didn’t sign up last year but want to help out this year, click here to sign-up.

This small revision cycle will be done by December. That way the improved indicators can be using in a small update to the Blueprint (version 2.1) due in June 2016. This Blueprint update will use very similar methods, just with some improved data for the indicators.