The Southeast United States is home to three major urban mega-regions, all experiencing rapid growth. Research funded by multiple Southeast LCCs predicts that, if trends continue, Southeast urban areas will double in size by the year 2060, creating a megalopolis connecting Raleigh, NC to Atlanta, GA. In light of this projected urbanization, the South Atlantic LCC and the American Planning Association are collaborating on a scoping project to connect conservation objectives to future planning decisions. The South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint is a living spatial plan that identifies conservation priorities for natural and cultural resources throughout the region, built on ecological indicator and connectivity models. Refining these models in and near cities is an important next step to improve the Blueprint’s depiction of shared conservation interests across the rural-urban spectrum. This project will also improve the Blueprint’s corridor routes through and around municipalities, and strengthen relationships between conservation professionals and the planning community. Together, we can make sure that the Southeast leaves room for fish and wildlife while providing citizens more opportunities to enjoy the natural world.