LoggerheadSeaTurtle_Endangered_Hatchling_BlackbeardIslandGA_BeckySkiba_USFWSSeveral years ago, the South Atlantic LCC funded a project to link long-term survey data for four species of sea turtle, three species of shorebird, five species of seabird, and two beach mouse species to maps of coastal sea-level rise vulnerability to understand the effects of sea-level rise on population viability and socioeconomic resources.

I’m happy to report that this week the National Park Service (NPS) funded a follow-up research project that will, using observations from study parks, create historic nesting density maps for three sea turtle study species, and construct maps of predicted range shifts under a changing climate. These will be integrated with the South Atlantic LCC-funded landscape scale models of coastal vulnerability due to sea-level rise and urban growth, along with NPS-developed maps of scenarios of predicted inundation from sea-level rise.

The project is a nice example of how we can benefit from understanding the landscape-scale issues, and then drill down to the scale of a decision maker to inform potential action.  Stay tuned for updates!