The Jekyll Island State Park Authority (JIA) is seeking proposals from highly-qualified applicants in response to the RFP available at the following link. Please consider and distribute to any prospects in your networks.…

The impetus for this research effort is concern on the part of the JIA that herbivory by abundant white-tailed deer may be compromising the long-term viability of some native plant species and/or communities on Jekyll Island. However, proposals submitted in response to this RFP should avoid a myopic focus on the single stressor of deer herbivory. The JIA is specifically interested in evaluating the effect of herbivory in relation to other environmental stressors, such as climate change, hydrologic changes, invasive plants, and human activity that may be affecting locally rare or otherwise important native plant species. Furthermore, we’d like to better understand how Jekyll Island’s stakeholders value native plant species diversity and whether that valuation supports management responses to the most critical stressors, as identified by the proposed research.


The submission deadline has been extended for the Jekyll Island Authority’s request for proposed research to investigate the stability of barrier-island native-plant populations exposed to multiple stress factors.

All proposals received by November 12th, 2015, will now be considered. Please pass along this update to any interested parties to whom you may have distributed the original RFP. Prospective applicants should direct inquiries to Ben Carswell at