LCCNetworkConservationSciencePlanI am very pleased to share with you the new LCC Network Conservation Science Plan. It has truly been a collaborative process to develop this science plan that identifies common science and technical priorities and practices that transcend individual LCC geographies in support of landscapes capable of sustaining natural and cultural resources for current and future generations.

The digital file of the Conservation Science Plan is available on our newly redesigned website at

About the Conservation Science Plan
The Conservation Science Plan is organized around seven key themes: (1) Landscape Conservation Planning; (2) Landscape Conservation Design; (3) Climate Adaptation; (4) Data Management, Integration, and Sharing; (5) Socioeconomic and Cultural Values; (6) Science Communication and Delivery; and (7) Monitoring and Assessment.

The Network-level themes are intended to add value to individual LCC efforts and to provide mechanisms for aligning LCC efforts across multiple spatial scales without obligating individual LCCs or their partners to prescriptive actions.

Next Steps
Over the course of the next few months, the LCC Network Science Team will develop an implementation strategy for making measurable progress on achieving the objectives outlined in the Conservation Science Plan and then we will work with partners to make it happen. We hope that you will join us as the LCC Network takes these exciting steps.