mal imageHello everyone. Greetings from the office of the South Atlantic LCC staff. As your new LCC coordinator, I’m can report that I’m transitioning into the role with great anticipation. For those of you who don’t know me, I left my position as Chief Deputy Director of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission at the beginning of October, after more than three decades with that agency. I officially started with the LCC on November 15, so I’m still working on required training, getting up to speed on a different IT system, and learning whom to call when I run into snags. It might take a while to figure it all out.

Recently for my birthday, my wife gave me an unusual card. The image on the front was of a man standing on his head in front of Stonehenge. The caption read something about “a different perspective.” I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

After beginning the new role as coordinator of your Cooperative, I have a better understanding now of what it means to have a different perspective.  I’ve been a partner, a steering committee member, and a former steering committee chair of the South Atlantic LCC, activities that provided me opportunities to participate in the evolution and growth of the partnership as a secondary role to my “day job” at NC Wildlife. I also served on the LCC Council where I participated in coordination efforts of the LCC enterprise across North America and beyond. Now, the LCC coordinator role is my “day job,” and I recognize that it requires a perspective adjustment that encompasses the full scope and potential of conservation science and the administrative processes that will allow the Cooperative to reach its fullest capabilities and accomplishments. I’m excited about the prospects.

I recognize that fully developing a different perspective will take a little time. Perhaps, it’s even a never-ending process, like the continuous improvement models they teach in leadership training.  Fortunately for me, your South Atlantic LCC staff is a talented and high-functioning group with an established record of impressive accomplishments. Moreover, they are routinely assisting me in my transition to the new role. I’m grateful for their continuing assistance and I have already learned a lot from them about the management of your Cooperative. I also want to acknowledge the tremendous foundational role that Ken McDermond accomplished for the South Atlantic LCC, and for the entire LCC enterprise itself, helping to take LCCs from a vague idea to a clear reality on the ground for positive conservation action. Ken left us a rock-solid legacy, and I’m humbled and a little intimidated by the prospects of building on it…big shoes to fill and all that…

So for my first blog post as your coordinator, I want to let the partnership community know that I need your assistance and welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions on where and how you want to see your cooperative flourish. We’re working on this together and it will take all of our efforts to achieve the scale of accomplishment needed for today’s (and tomorrow’s) conservation challenges. Email works (, as does telephone (919-707-0121). Contact me anytime.