ArmyCorpsThere’s a ton a great stuff going on lately throughout the South Atlantic. So much that I’ve gotten a little behind catching you up on a few exciting developments. One of those developments is some funding from the Army Corps that will improve the Blueprint and renewable energy connection.

Many of you know that there is an Army Corps representative on the South Atlantic LCC Steering Committee. Thanks to the great work and momentum you’ve all built as part of this cooperative, the Corps invested some funds that will improve the Blueprint connections with the sustainability aspects of renewable energy. There’s also support for exploring the role of your cooperative in energy efficiency and security. The big driver of this effort is the growth in renewable energy mandates for organizations throughout the South Atlantic. How can we all collectively increase energy efficiency, move toward more renewable energy, and still sustain our natural and cultural resources throughout the South Atlantic and beyond?

I’ll keep you in the loop as the project develops.