On a conference call January 6, the South Atlantic LCC Steering Committee approved revision of your cooperative’s Strategic Plan mission statement. The revision reflects accomplishment of the original mission that was adopted in 2012 which focused on creation of a shared blueprint for conservation. Following the release and implementation of Blueprint 2.0 last summer, the original mission statement had been completed and therefore was no longer appropriate. The revised mission statement now focuses on facilitating conservation actions through uses of the blueprint and was deliberated in multiple iterations through the Executive Committee and the Steering Committee. This slight wording change conveys more than five years of progress and accomplishment of your Cooperative in promoting conservation actions. Download the South Atlantic LCC Strategic Plan including the revised mission statement here.

On the same call, the Steering Committee approved establishment of an investment committee that will help define priorities and options for allocating the resources of the Cooperative. Resource allocations will include funding proposals for scientific projects as well as other expenditures such as travel and workshops, and considerations for the investment of staff capacity and technical expertise. Membership on the Investment Committee will come from the Steering Committee, the Blueprint User Team, and the Conservation Design Team. Please contact Mallory if you are interested in serving on the Investment Committee.