Happiest of new years to everyone! Your cooperative is ringing in 2016 with the long-awaited unveiling of our shiny new website. Et voila! If you’re reading this blog, you’re already here. And no, I don’t speak French. But it seemed like the appropriate sound effect for a dramatic reveal.

So, what has changed, and what hasn’t?

First of all, the web address is the same: http://southatlanticlcc.org.

The website has moved from the Ning platform to WordPress. We imported your account information, so you’ll still sign in with your email address just like you did on the old site. But to maintain the security of your profile, we couldn’t import your password. So, when you sign into the new site for the first time, you’ll have to reset your password. You should receive an email inviting you to do so pretty soon. If you joined the website in the last several months, your account may not have been imported yet–but don’t worry, you’ll still get the newsletter! We’re still migrating over some of the most recent new accounts. If this is a problem for you, please reach out to me.

You’ll find we still have blogs and an event calendar, and I encourage you to take advantage of these great opportunities to share exciting news and events with the broader cooperative community. Want to celebrate a success story, invite others to a webinar, or share a job opening? Use the South Atlantic LCC website! Remember that you’ll need to log into your account to do this, or I can post on your behalf. Separate links to staff blogs and member blogs can be found on the sidebar, and featured blogs will appear on the homepage. Blogs will continue to provide the content for the monthly newsletter.

The staff of the South Atlantic LCC have approached the redesign of the website as an opportunity to revisit how we communicate who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We streamlined the long, scrolling pages of text from the old site so it’s easier to find key information about the indicators, Blueprint, and State of the South Atlantic. We also embraced a much more modern look and feel that incorporates beautiful photos of the lands and waters that make our region special.

And last but not least—your cooperative is on Facebook! Check us out and please like our page! There’s a link in the site footer. We’ll be sharing cooperative events and news, and would love to promote your great work as well.

Of course, it’s still a work in progress. We’ll be continuing to update outdated links, re-tag old blog posts, and fix glitches. If you find an error, have trouble locating the information you need, want to make a suggestion, or would even like to submit one of your own photos to our ever-growing database of dazzling South Atlantic photography, please contact me!

So go on—take the site for a test drive. What do you think? Call or email me with your suggestions at 919-707-0252 or hilary_morris@fws.gov.