For the first time, the South Atlantic LCC will be sharing part of its June in-person Steering Committee meeting with the staff and Steering Committee from the Peninsular Florida LCC! Details to come, but each LCC will have time set aside for individual business items and then time marked for joint meetings between the two neighboring LCCs. Why run a joint meeting? As neighboring LCCs that share geographic overlap, it makes sense to get both groups together for better information and idea sharing. To help with the process our very own Beth Stys will be on hand, who is not only the Steering Committee Chair for the South Atlantic LCC, but also one of the Science Coordinators for the Peninsular Florida LCC!

One of the over-arching goals of this meeting is to ensure that progressive planning and action is being made in support of both the South Atlantic and the Peninsular Florida LCCs’ complementary missions.

South Atlantic LCC mission: “Facilitate conservation actions that sustain natural and cultural resources, guided by a shared adaptive blueprint”

Peninsular Florida LCC mission: “Fostering landscape scale conservation to sustain natural and cultural resources for future generations”