Back in April of this year, the Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance hosted the first South Atlantic regional summit on living shorelines. The goal was to “share information on the management, research, regulation, and implementation of living shorelines in the South Atlantic region, building knowledge and relationships that expand the use of appropriate stabilization alternatives to traditional shoreline hardening”. It included expert panels and discussions focused on current living shoreline strategies, challenges, and opportunities. The summit was attended by researchers, regulators and policymakers, property owners and managers, planners, contractors, and non-profit organizations alike.

Did you miss all the fun in Jacksonville? Or are you looking for a quick refresher on what happened during the meeting? If so, the final summit report is now available! You can also find more information about the event on the summit webpage, including links to presentations.

At the summit, there was an overall consensus by panelists that focus should be placed on improving and simplifying the permitting process.  Permits are required from multiple state and federal agencies.  Right now, the U.S. Army Corps is seeking comment on a new nationwide permit for living shorelines. Follow these links to submit comment: